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MOFGAThirty Acre Farm presently has about five acres of garden space where we focus on growing mixed vegetables, flowers for bouquets, medicinal and culinary herbs as well as lots and lots of cabbage for our fermented foods. We grow 95% of the vegetables for our krauts but occasionally buy in a bumper crop from another local organic farmer. As our pigs and chickens have helped prepare additional ground for planting, we have been able to grow a more diverse array of vegetables.

We are M.O.F.G.A certified organic and grow all our crops without the use of chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. We use lots of compost, hand tools and a small cultivating tractor in the garden and strive not to disrupt the soil's own structure while increasing fertility. We also include some biodynamic practices on our farm. See our C.S.A. page for information on sharing in this season's harvest!