Greetings from Thirty Acre Farm!

We are a small family farm in Whitefield Maine, started in the fall of 2004 by Jane and Simon Frost. We stumbled into farming with a strong desire to know where our food comes from and to share that goodness with our friends, family and community.

When we purchased the farm, it had not been worked for over forty years. The old pastures had turned back into mixed hardwood forest. As we clear the land we have uncovered long forgotten stone walls that reveal the shape of the fields that used to be. In an effort to create spaces for gardens, we purchased three piglets, two of which became the base of our breeding herd. Those two pigs have multiplied into over fifty pigs on the ground at any time! This colony of pigs has aided us in clearing back eight acres of young hardwood forest and has allowed us to prepare five acres of cultivated land for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Back in 2002 we started making and selling lacto-fermented foods from biodynamic cabbage brought from Canada.  Since then we have built a commercial kraut kitchen and more than doubled our production every year. We now make more than 100,000 lbs of sauerkraut, ruby kraut, kimchi, gingered carrots, hot sauce and sour dill pickles -  growing over 95% of the ingredients!

Our family has grown along with the farm with the birth of our sons Otis in 2007 and Willie in 2009. As they get a little older we love working with them -seeding in the greenhouses, welcoming new animals and preserving food for winter.  Their passion and enthusiasm for the farm is an inspiration to us.

-Simon and Jane Frost